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Solar CowboyZ is a worldwide industry leader in the Renewable Energy industry.  We deliver customized reports and services for short and long term projects.   Our diverse and cross-functional team of consultants collectively brings to you over 100 years of RENEWABLE ENERGY EXPERIENCE.  This gives us the unique ability to thoroughly counsel you in renewable energy technologies including:  residential and commercial solar/photo voltaic energy, off grid power systems, solar hot water, small wind, fuel cell technology, backup power, cogeneration, and other green energy technologies.  Our consulting services include Industry & Market Intelligence, and Networking, Grants and Government Incentives, Business Strategy, Strategic Marketing, Sales Strategies, Engineering and Training, and Project Management. 

How we can help you?

The team at Solar CowboyZ client base includes renewable energy product manufacturers, distributors, dealers and installers.  We also interact with a wide variety of non-industrial clients, ready to enter the renewable energy industry, ranging from start-up companies, to Fortune 500 companies, utility companies and government agencies.  Each client has unique goals that we officially and successfully address.  Whether you are an EXISTING player in the renewable energy industry, a START UP company with an innovative product, a VENTURE CAPITALIST, a FORTUNE 500 Company wanting to enter the market, or simply interested in “going green” for community and environmental benefits, Solar Cowboyz will guide you towards your goals and insure your success

Why it is good to be a green company

As we go into the next decade, the ability to be classified as “Green” will be a distinct competitive advantage.  Working with Solar Cowboyz to integrate renewable energy into your core business strategies will enhance your companies’ image and competitive position.  In addition to profitable growth, you will also be making a powerful difference in the world by reducing your man-made CO2 contribution to Earth’s atmosphere. 

Our team is passionate about and dedicated to creating a greater awareness of, and improving environmental health.  Together with you, we are confident we can create important changes resulting in positive ongoing impacts on the environment for current and future generations.