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Solar Cowboyz Consulting TM
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Solar Cowboyz TM is a worldwide leader in the renewable energy industry. We deliver cost efficient strategic planning, market analysis, and project management services for short and long term contracts. Our diverse and cross-functional team of consultants collectively brings to you over 100 years of renewable energy knowledge. Our experience gives us the unique ability to thoroughly counsel you in renewable energy technologies including: residential and commercial solar electric energy, off grid power systems, solar hot water, small wind, fuel cell technology, backup power, cogeneration, and other forms of green energy technologies. Our consulting services include industry & market intelligence, company introductions, partnering, business strategy, strategic marketing, engineering services, training, and project management. Please visit our detailed SERVICES page to see all that we can offer you and your company.

Sam Vanderhoof- Sacramento, California, USA
David Katz- San Francisco, California, USA
Ron Kenedi
- Los Angeles, California, USA
Franz Wagner
- Lisbon, Portugal, Europe
Mike Nelson
- Seattle, Washington, USA
Cory Vaughan
- Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Jsun Mills
- Guadalajara, Mexico, Latin America
Christopher Freitas
- Seattle, Washington, USA
Kristina Whitney - Beverly Hills, California, USA

Contact (360) 435-8826 •   P.O. Box 1959 Grass Valley, CA 95945 U.S.A
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