Solar CowboyZ


Marv Dargatz

Marv has been an active participant in the renewable energy industry for more than 20 years.  He is a member of the Standards Technical Panel for UL1741 (the standard for renewable energy systems) and UL1699B (the standard for PV system DC arc fault protection) and has managed and performed the UL listing process of more than 30 renewable energy products.  He participates on several NEC (National Electrical Code) working groups. 

Gene Bertche

Over 25 years of experience in Energy Conservation and Solar Energy Systems Design and Sales.
Developing and Managing Customer Relationships in Residential and Commercial Projects, and Distribution and Factory Level Product Sales in the Solar Energy Industry.
Special Knowledge and Skills:
> Off-Grid Systems Design and Sales
> Residential and Commercial Grid-Tie Systems Design and Sales
> Solar Modules, Charge Controllers, Battery Based and Grid Tie Inverters, Mounting Structures, Monitoring Systems
> Client and Team Sales Management
> Business Development, Strategic Planning and Forecasting
> Broad Base of Industry and Client Contacts
> Proven Negotiator with a Real Feel for Mutual Success

John Balfour

As of July 2016, I will have completed my first Four Decades of experience in the renewable energy PV, active and passive solar industry, experiencing one solar boom and bust while watching the second boom take place.
Our industry is still in the "Viking Marketing Phase" where under trained/skilled individuals and organizations are following a "pillage and plunder" form of market development. What is being sold is often not what customers are expecting, want or need.
We have incredible technologies that when properly applied result in exceptional energy production at a very reasonable cost. The application process requires understanding the technology, its environment and how to build highly functional systems and not just assemble cheap parts. To do so, we developed & initiated PV "Preemptive Analytical Maintenance (PAM) to launch the next two eras in the industry.
This was learned by intense continuing education combined with the goal of treating clients with respect while taking the time and effort to solve and avoid (preempt) problems we all create. The foundation of of our learning is the experience gained. Historically, I discuss the fact that we have 40 years of mistakes behind us that we had to fix out of our own pocket to stay in business.
My personal industry goals are to assist in the development meaningful design & installation standards which will move the PV industry to maturity.
This requires ongoing work to educate all sectors in the industry from customers to maintenance professionals to deliver systems that build a sustainable PV industry with real long term value.

Specialties: PV System Optimization
PV "Preemptive Analytical Maintenance (PAM) combined with UAV Technology for PV System O&M Analysis integrated with Strategic & Tactical Planning
High Performance, Reliable & Low Risk System Design
O&M Cost Reduction Program Development
Micro Grid Project Analysis & Development
R & D and tech transfer
Design & Installation Standards Development