Solar CowboyZ

Solar Cowboyz Services

Solar Cowboyz is an innovative, cutting-edge, consulting firm offering the following the services that can assist in achieving your business goals.

Industry Intelligence/ Networking

State and federal incentive program structures for all USA

Policy and incentive program updates

Regulatory activities/changes

Market overview and detailed analysis

Market research

Representation and information gathered from industry, utility, government meetings and committees.

Corporate Strategy

Incorporating climate change into core business strategies

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) / Lease

Project Engineering and Procurement Strategy

Financial, Legal and Administrative Strategy Analysis

 Market Analysis

Market potential, demand, and potential market share

Customer analysis and value creation

Market segmentation and segmentation strategies for residential and commercial

Competitor analysis and competitive advantage utilization for your company

Marketing Mix Strategies

Product positioning and brand strategies

Market based pricing and pricing strategies

Distribution channel development

Marketing Channels and E- Marketing

Marketing communication and customer response

Strategic Marketing

Strategic market planning

Offensive marketing strategies

Defensive marketing strategies

Marketing Plans and Performance

Building a marketing plan

Performance matrix and strategy implementation

Market Based Strategies and Profitable Growth

Strategies to grow market demand

Strategies to increase market share

Strategies to increase revenue per customer

Strategies to lower variable cost

Strategies to increase market efficiently

Sales Strategies

Sales channel & distribution development

Sales forecasting

Account strategies to increase sales growth

Introduction to new potential customers

Account profiling

Technical Training

Technical training for your staff and your customers

Technical: Installation Training – beginning to advanced PV training for residential and commercial projects

Sales Training

Sales and customer service training

Introduction to industry tools that will increase sales and productivity

Engineering and Technology

Regulatory compliance & certification UL, CE, ETL, SRCC, CEC/PUC

R&D (product development assistance)

System analysis and design including engineering drawings

Component specifications and selection

Project Management for Green Energy Systems

Commercial project development

On site training of local installers

Other Services:

Outsourcing and offshore expertise (country and vendor selection)

Solar hardware procurement

RFP development and contract analysis

Proposal writing